Communication for the Commons

Communication for the Commons

Communication for the Commons

«There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community, and communication.»
- John Dewey

What is the role of communication in sustaining the commons? How are commons-oriented collectives using different strategies and tools to promote alternative socio-economic practices? The present research project aims at providing knowledge on strategies to build infrastructure for the commons. Anchored in a comparative analysis between Portugal and Catalonia (Porto and Barcelona), it will look at how cooperatives, associations, networks, informal collectives are using information and communication technologies, digital platforms, visual language and discourse to support emerging models of consumption and (re)production. In short, how contemporary communication practices help advance successful “commoning” initiatives and can enhance the community’s governance of shared resources.

Research diary

Field notes, visual records, thoughts, research work-in-progress.

Alimento para o pensamento

No âmbito dos Encontros por uma Primavera Agroecológica, promovidos pelo GAIA entre os meses de Março e Abril de 2021, organizei uma sessão intitulada «Alimento...
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Transformative Economies Under Debate, Porto

TRANSECO: Tertulias and documentary screenings to transform the economy Every Thursday from November 7th to December 5th, 2019 Loction: Gato Vadio bookstore/cultural association | Facebook...
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The Beginnings of Social Economy in Portugal

The Catalan sociologist and economist Jordi Estivill unveils the beginnings of the social economy in Portugal, through the analysis of a 19th-century magazine from Porto.
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Another communication is possible

People, tools, discourse: the communicative ecology of the "transformative" economies. Notes on communication for the social solidarity economy and the commons, following WSFTE’s first meeting in BCN.
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Food networks as urban commons

How a former alternative food exchange group from Porto practicing solidarity economy triggered the present research on the challenges of sustaining the community’s governance of shared resources.
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Do outro mundo possível às economias que já o sustentam

This article [in Portuguese] was originally published in Jornal Mapa no. 23, following my participation in the preparatory meeting of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies.
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Research work-in-progress